Hammer Drilling Rigs was founded in 2008 as RigKits LLC to meet the growing demand for cost effective drilling solutions in the geothermal and micro piling industries. RigKits enabled customers to build their own drilling rigs from prefabricated and partially assembled 'rig kits'. As the demand for finished rigs grew Hammer Drilling Rigs was formed to fulfill that need as a supplier of the Techno Drill line of drilling rig products and components, while continuing the popular kit build as a cost effective option. Hammer Drilling Rigs specializes in compact, limited access drilling rigs, mast attachments and drilling components.


With the Techno Drill line of drilling rigs, the famous TD308 - first built in 1991 - is now offered as the K40 with both long and short mast options for various drilling applications. The TD410 has been improved and is now the K60 with many options as standard for deeper drilling projects and geotechnical applications. Our line of drill mast attachments caters to both compact skid steers and larger excavators for a wide range of drilling scenarios. Retrofit components include clamps, mast extension winch systems and drill heads.


RigKits LLC still offers customers the 'build your own Rig Kit' option on select equipment models. As the rig kits have been so popular and one of the main contributors to our continued growth in the industry, the rig kits will continue to hold a prime position in our product line-up.
The Rig Kits option allows customers to purchase a drilling rig 'kit'. The rig kits include painted fabrication and all major hydraulic components required. Only nuts, bolts, hydraulic hoses and fittings are required to complete assembly. The modular drilling rig kits give customers control over the final configuration and included items in the kit, acommodating various retofit drilling solutions.

For information on out drilling Rig Kits, please visit http://www.hammerdrillingrigs.com/drill-rig-kits-build-your-own-rig.html.